Grand Rapids Snow Removal Services with 20/20 Hindsight

Snow Buried Car Parked on Side of Road

As spring approaches, use that 20/20 hindsight vision to review this winter. Was your Grand Rapids company prepared when the ice and snow came? Hopefully winter conditions didn’t land you or your business in hot water with injuries from you, your employees, or your customers. Now that winter 2016 is probably over, it’s time to look at your Grand Rapids snow removal services so you are ultra prepared for 2017.

Prepare now for next winter with these tips for why & how to hire the best commercial snow removal services.

Why contract with the best snow removal service?

Accidents are expensive. They cost time, money and resources that would all be better allocated somewhere else. Time off from work for doctor visits is bad enough, but in the event that somebody does get injured on your property, you could also be spending some of your valuable time with a lawyer or in court. And what about medical expenses? They can drift as high as snow if given the chance.

How do you choose the best Grand Rapids snow removal service?

Consider these seven factors when selecting your snow removal company.

  1. Quality management & Certifications. What protocol is in place to ensure that you will have prompt and effective service? Look for a company with ISO certification to back you up when you need it most. Choose a company with high standards for documenting the time spent on your site, the materials applied and the techniques used for clearing slick spots and minimizing risks.
  2. Equipment. The best snow removal company will have the right equipment for your job, from sidewalk equipment to heavy duty trucks to front end loaders and more.
  3. Training. Find a company that cares enough to train their crews on the proper use of the materials and equipment they will be using, so you can relax with confidence that the job is being done right.
  4. Dedication. Some companies remove snow in the winter because there’s no grass to mow. The best snow removal company is all about removing snow, and works on streamlining their system 24/7/365.
  5. Efficient, prompt, knowledgeable crew. You need a crew that will be watching the weather with you so they can be there when it’s most important. Night or day, clear thinking and safety pave the way for successful snow removal.
  6. Referrals & Reviews. See who your neighbors and your competitors use. What do they have to say about their snow removal companies? Check Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews.
  7. Availability to work and to communicate. Will you be able to get help when you need it? When you have questions about your service can you reach a knowledgeable person?

Contact us today to see what the best snow removal company in Grand Rapids can do for you.

6 Questions To Ask If Considering Snow Removal Services in 2017

2017 written in snow

In our service area of Grand Rapids & Lansing, Michigan, business owners are no strangers to large snow storms. We can wake up one morning to find a foot or more of snow on the ground. If you have a large parking lot at your business’s location, keeping the equipment on-hand and the staff trained to quickly and properly do snow removal is not cost efficient. There’s more to snow removal than scraping away the snow. So as Winter 2016 wraps up and you start to think about what you might do differently next year, here are 6 questions to ask yourself if considering snow removal services in 2017.

First, it’s important that you get a company that specializes in commercial snow removal, and not just residential. Commercial jobs are typically much larger, and as such residential snow removal companies are not equipped to handle it. Larger commercial snow removal service providers also invest in their team’s training and certifications to keep your property from being damaged and to lower your risk of slip-and-fall lawsuits.

Here are 6 questions to ask yourself when trying to decide if you need a professional commercial snow plowing service.

  1. Will you have 24/7 snow removal? If a big storm hits during the night, will you have a snow removal emergency plan in place to make sure it’s cleared by the time your business opens? Professionals make sure you get that plan in writing.
  2. Is the job too big for one person? Big storms take big equipment and ice melt knowledge to make sure you have exactly what is needed for that day’s specific mix of snow, ice and cold. If you just have one person running a snow blower or snow plow on your property, will they have the knowledge and time to get the job done right?
  3. What’s the best efficiency? Is moving snow the best use of your employee’s time? Would their time be better spent doing work that is more pertinent to your business? Think about the time it will take for your employees to do the job, and whether or not this is a good use of their time.
  4. Do you really want to store and maintain equipment? Snow removal equipment takes up a lot of space and needs regular maintenance. Does it really make sense for you to take that all on yourself? And what if you break down during the storm? You won’t have back up like a professional snow removal company would have.
  5. Is there a potential for injury? When the ground is covered in snow and ice, this can make for dangerous conditions. Are you willing to be held responsible if someone slips in your parking lot because you did not clear it properly? Or if an employee injuries themselves while clearing the snow? You can avoid a lawsuit by letting a certified professional snow removal service handle it for you.
  6. Do you have experience with the right ice melt chemicals? Removing ice isn’t as simple as finding some rock salt and spreading it across your parking lot. You need to know which chemicals should be used based on the moisture in the air and temperatures – and how much ice melt is needed. Using too much ice melt is bad for the environment and your landscaping, using too little is dangerous.

After taking in all of these considerations, you should have a good idea if you need to hire a professional snow removal service. If the answer is yes and you are located in the Grand Rapids or Lansing areas, we would love to work with you! You can contact us at any time, and we can tell you about the services we offer.