Property Maintenance Evaluation for Winter Preparation

asphalt repair needed, destroyed driveway

Since the snow season for 2016 has likely come to an end, now is the time to evaluate your property to make the changes needed this summer before snow flies again this fall. It’s also the perfect time to assess your commercial snow removal services, while it’s fresh in your mind. So here are five key property maintenance areas to evaluate:

  1. Assess your area for storage of plowed snow. Keeping in mind that it was an average winter, was the snow pile storage area large enough? Was there adequate space for both parking, clear visibility and snow storage? Is the snow storage location safe and out-of-the-way of business traffic? Do you have a plan for additional snow storage during a large snow event? Does the location of the snow pile obstruct the view of drivers creating a safety hazard in any way? Are you able to recover the solids that settled out after the snow melt?
  2. Assess the ability of the melt water to percolate into the soil below the site or run off into a drainage system. Was the water able to evacuate the area without causing large standing water puddles? Was the melt water uncontaminated? If melt water runs off, do you know where it goes? Are you taking precautions to reduce the amount of pollutants that may run off with the melt water?
  3. Examine your walkways and parking areas that are plowed. Are they in good repair, free from heaves and cracks, that could make plowing difficult or dangerous? Are they properly sloped to prevent pooling water?
  4. Inspect your landscaping, curbing, signage and any other items in the plow area to identify areas of damage from snow plowing. Make note of these, and take photos if possible, to discuss with your snow removal service.
  5. Assess your contract with your snow removal company. Do you need to make changes or additions to your service? Do you need snow relocation and hauling services to maximize your parking space? This is the ideal time to update your services with your snow removal company.

Formulate your maintenance plan for next year while the issues that plagued you this year are fresh in your mind. Develop project plans to make needed repairs and install new drainage or snow storage areas during the off season so you will be well prepared for next winter.

If you require any assistance and your business is located in the Lansing or Grand Rapids, Michigan area, please contact us. At Sneller Snow Systems, our focus is on snow, 12 months a year.

Fall Landscape Changes to Help With Michigan Winter Snow and Ice: Adding a Snow Fence

Put Up a Snow Fence

Just because it isn’t cold in Michigan yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking of fall landscape changes to help with winter snow and ice management. An often-overlooked landscaping idea that can save you a great deal of risk is a snow fence. A snow fence prevents drifting in certain areas by reducing wind speed, allowing snow to drift downwind from it. Here are some advantages of a snow fence that makes it worth considering even when hiring the best commercial snow removal company in Grand Rapids or Lansing, Michigan.

Snow Fences Keep Michigan Sidewalks and Parking Lots Free of Snow

If your business sits back off the road a bit or you are in a high winds area, keeping paths and parking lots clear in the winter takes a great deal of time and effort. Even after your professional snow removal company clears snow and ice, you’re subject to drifting. Installing a snow fence can help protect shoveled and plowed areas after clean up. When used along parking lots, a snow fence can make it significantly safer for customers and employees to drive and walk on in winter. They are especially essential for businesses and churches with elderly visitors.

Snow Fences Help Facilitate Deliveries to Grand Rapids & Lansing Businesses

One area that could become problematic if covered with snow is your delivery dock. Fortunately, snow fences can be placed in a way that prevents snow from building up on or near your loading dock, yet won’t prevent delivery trucks from coming and going.

Snow Fences are Portable and Versatile

One of the best things about snow fences is that they are easily portable, and can therefore be moved as needed. This is good news, because it means you can also use them for other things during the summer months, such as maintaining a safety barrier or creating an outdoor break area for your employees.

Please contact our team at Sneller Snow Systems if your business is located in Michigan and you’d like to discuss more ideas or our snow removal services.