You Get What You Pay For With Commercial Snow Removal Services Too!

Commercial Snow Removal Services - Sneller Snow Systems, Grand Rapids, MI

At this point, we’ve all read our fair share of online consumer reviews. On sites such as Angie’s List and Amazon, consumers can weigh in on their experiences, whether good or bad. While some responses are obvious fakes (such as the hilariously snarky reviews under Bic Cristal “For Her” pens), others highlight one of the dangers of bargain shopping: the temptation to jump at a deal that seems too good to be true.

You know the old saying: buy in haste, repent at leisure.

Don’t Fall For The Cheapest Snow Removal Services

Customers who make their decisions based solely on the lowest cost often find themselves getting what they’ve paid for — and not in a good way. Unfortunately, pinching pennies often means saying goodbye to quality customer service, meaning unsatisfied customers can be left in a lurch. We just received a call yesterday from a previous client who went with a low bid company last winter. Our client later realized the snow company wasn’t equipped to handle their facilities and they noticed a significant reduction in service. They had a bad experience, and are coming back on board with us to end the frustration.

As you evaluate your needs for professional snow and ice removal services, it’s important that you contract with a company that offers the services you need at reasonable rates with a proven track record for following through on their commitments. Fortunately, that’s just what we offer.

Here at Sneller Snow Systems, we customize services, equipment used and pricing for each clients’ specific needs. For example, when we manage snow and ice for a large outlet mall in Grand Rapids, there are massive amounts of intricate areas and walkways to keep clear so we utilize smaller equipment. We also use a salt spreader that drops ice melt instead of throwing it for precise placement. With every client, we draw up contracts that clearly outline pre-agreed pricing, and then we deliver. Every time.


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Hire Experienced Snow Removal Professionals

Over the years, we’ve built up a solid reputation for being dependable, thorough, and trustworthy. Because our clients know what they’re paying for at the outset, they never have to worry about being surprised with fees down the road; nor do they need to worry that we will accept payment without showing up and doing our job.

If you’re suddenly tempted by an advertisement offering the cheapest rates in town, be sure to research such offers carefully and ask yourself if it’s worth the risk.

If you have further questions regarding why it’s important to contract with a commercial snow and ice removal company, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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ADA Compliant Snow Removal: Grand Rapids Michigan

ada compliant snow removal - wheelchair on snow

There are many factors to take into account when the snow falls and removal is required in Grand Rapids Michigan and around the country. One thing that can sometimes end up overlooked is to continue proper access for the handicapped. It’s vital to make sure your property has ADA compliant snow removal (Americans with Disabilities Act).

ADA Compliant Snow Removal Tips

When an abundance of snow falls, the tendency is to clear paths as quickly as possible. But it’s important to clear an extra wide path to the building for people who need more than a small walking path to access the building.

It’s also essential to clear curb ramps. And don’t just plow the handicap spaces, but be sure to include the area surrounding them as well, including access aisles.

ADA Compliance goes well beyond wheelchair accessibility. Consider other physical and mental disabilities as well. Be sure mentally handicapped visitors that are trying to be independent can see proper signage after a storm.

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Business owners are responsible for the parking lot, walkways and sidewalks adjacent to their property to be kept reasonably clear of winter snow and ice. Even if a slip and fall lawsuit is difficult to prove in Michigan, there is still human decency, first impressions and public relations to think about. In fact, many people feel that how a property owner handles winter clean up is a direct reflection of how much they value their employees, customers and visitors.

As revealed in an ADA information document titled “Effective Snow Removal for Pathways and Transit Stops,” there are other considerations to keep in mind to help people with disabilities on your property in winter:

  • Ice and salt can get on a wheelchair user’s hands and on the mobility device resulting in injury or rust. Consult a professional for ice management so the proper product and amount is used.
  • People who use surface and visual cues for navigation may find snow and ice left on pathways disorienting.
  • Ask a snow removal expert for a consultation on property design elements to snow and ice from impeding on pedestrians or drivers. For example, build in adequate space between the sidewalk and street to make room for snow.
  • Many people with disabilities depend on public transit as their primary transportation option. Accessible pathways and transit stops should be a priority especially during winter weather.

Business owners and snow removal companies should work closely with the city and transit departments to not only comply with all regulations, but to make it as easy as possible for all people to move around the city during snowy weather. This includes the cities of Lansing and Grand Rapids, as well as the rural communities surrounding them.

Sneller Can Help!

At Sneller Snow Systems, we make it a priority to keep up-to-date on all ADA requirements and best practices for optimal risk management. We also thoroughly study our customers’ properties to provide top-rate snow and ice removal services that are ISO 9001 certified.

Give us a call at 616-868-4900 or contact us online for a free estimate on your Lansing or Grand Rapids snow removal services.

Understanding a Commercial Snow Removal Contract

contract being signed - snow removal contract

You’ve decided to hire a commercial snow removal and plowing company to keep your business operating and managed safely during the winter months without having to devote your own resources to dealing with the snow and ice. That’s a good decision. And just like other business relationships, your plan calls for a formal commercial snow removal contract. 

According to the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA):

“A written contract, signed by both parties, is the best way to ensure that each party is aware of its obligations. This in turn protects both the contractor and the property manager and helps to define the relationship in clear and concise terms.”

Note the important points here. The contract protects both parties (property managers and snow removal companies) from lawsuits. It does this by defining the obligations of each party and by outlining the relationship between vendor and customer clearly. Neither party wants to be involved in a lawsuit, and signing a mutually agreed-upon contract prevents that.

When you discuss your snow removal needs as a potential client, you need to consider many elements of the relationship. Your vendor should be willing to answer your questions and discuss these topics with you:

  • What is the timing of service and what service level are you agreeing to?
  • What is the price for this level of service? Should you pay for a higher level of service even though no one is certain how much snow will fall in any given winter?

Be clear on the services you are receiving. If your agreement calls for snow plowing, the snow will be plowed, but it will remain on your property. If you need it removed, you are talking about snow relocation and hauling. Do you require ice management and de-icing? You do if you are concerned about slippery conditions even after plowing or if there is freezing rain.

Sneller Snow Systems can provide all of these services and more. If you’re located in Lansing or Grand Rapids, we’ll be happy to look at your property and discuss recommended levels of service and pricing with you. We are in the risk management business with ISO certified systems in place. We prepare for the worst so that you are covered no matter what weather conditions we see in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI. Contact us to talk about your winter 2017 snow removal plan!

Preparing for Snow Removal in Grand Rapids MI, Lansing MI

snow written on car snow

We know. Winter 2016 is barely over. You don’t want to think about Winter 2017 in Grand Rapids or Lansing MI, you want to think about summer! But here at Sneller Snow Systems, we think about snow removal 24/7/365 so please don’t judge us too harshly! It’s seriously never too early to start preparing for winter. There is so much to consider, repair, compare and budget for in our region! So here are some tips to get you on the right path:

Look for the Best Snow Removal Service in Michigan

If you don’t already have a snow removal company, you should start researching what’s available in your area now. No two companies are the same and you should completely understand the details surrounding their services and their qualifications and certifications so you can trust that you are in good hands.

You might ask or look into what they do all summer. Are they a landscaping company first and foremost that is simply using their trucks in the winter for plowing? That might work for residential snow removal on a budget, but if you want proper risk management and efficient snow removal for your business, look for a company that focuses on snow systems year round to find the very best and ask some detailed questions like:

  • What are they doing to insure that they’ll be ready to go when the weather is at its worst?
  • Do they have adequate supplies?
  • How are the drivers trained?
  • Are they maintaining a fleet large enough to cover the demand when it’s needed?
  • Are their routes well-thought-out?
  • Do they offer any emergency services?
  • Are they fully licensed? What happens if something is damaged or someone is hurt?
  • Are they certified? What does that mean for me?
  • Why do they think they are the best???

When an unexpected storm hits or the arctic front pushes a little further than predicted, it’s too late to find out the details. You’ll need a snow removal company that’s been spending its off-season wisely. If you need Lansing or Grand Rapids commercial snow removal services, contact us at Sneller Snow Systems today. We’d be glad to share with you what we do routinely to make sure we’re ready to keep you, your staff, and your customers safe when the storm comes.

Property Maintenance Evaluation for Winter Preparation

asphalt repair needed, destroyed driveway

Since the snow season for 2016 has likely come to an end, now is the time to evaluate your property to make the changes needed this summer before snow flies again this fall. It’s also the perfect time to assess your commercial snow removal services, while it’s fresh in your mind. So here are five key property maintenance areas to evaluate:

  1. Assess your area for storage of plowed snow. Keeping in mind that it was an average winter, was the snow pile storage area large enough? Was there adequate space for both parking, clear visibility and snow storage? Is the snow storage location safe and out-of-the-way of business traffic? Do you have a plan for additional snow storage during a large snow event? Does the location of the snow pile obstruct the view of drivers creating a safety hazard in any way? Are you able to recover the solids that settled out after the snow melt?
  2. Assess the ability of the melt water to percolate into the soil below the site or run off into a drainage system. Was the water able to evacuate the area without causing large standing water puddles? Was the melt water uncontaminated? If melt water runs off, do you know where it goes? Are you taking precautions to reduce the amount of pollutants that may run off with the melt water?
  3. Examine your walkways and parking areas that are plowed. Are they in good repair, free from heaves and cracks, that could make plowing difficult or dangerous? Are they properly sloped to prevent pooling water?
  4. Inspect your landscaping, curbing, signage and any other items in the plow area to identify areas of damage from snow plowing. Make note of these, and take photos if possible, to discuss with your snow removal service.
  5. Assess your contract with your snow removal company. Do you need to make changes or additions to your service? Do you need snow relocation and hauling services to maximize your parking space? This is the ideal time to update your services with your snow removal company.

Formulate your maintenance plan for next year while the issues that plagued you this year are fresh in your mind. Develop project plans to make needed repairs and install new drainage or snow storage areas during the off season so you will be well prepared for next winter.

If you require any assistance and your business is located in the Lansing or Grand Rapids, Michigan area, please contact us. At Sneller Snow Systems, our focus is on snow, 12 months a year.