The Best Grand Rapids Snow Removal Services Send Weather Alerts

Snow Removal Plan & Weather Alerts From Computer

The daytime air is still warm, but with the kids heading back to school and the nights getting cooler, you know the time is near… Winter is coming. Are you ready for our rapidly changing Grand Rapids and Lansing weather to take it up a notch? In the event of severe weather that could impact your business, it is vital for the best Grand Rapids Snow Removal Services to send weather alerts.

Some of the most devastating snow and ice storms to affect Grand Rapids and Lansing in 2016 alone left piles of snowfall between hard-working businesses and their faithful customers. Monitoring significant weather changes and tracking upcoming predictions accurately and effectively, however, is a task that can be far too time consuming without the right equipment and highly trained staff. So here’s what to look for in your Grand Rapids snow removal services…

Preparation includes Communication

Winter food services and retail sales peak during the coldest months of the year in Michigan. Having snow removal professionals lined up to prevent major precipitation build-up before it dips into your pocket is an invaluable tool. And just as it is your priority to maintain the integrity of your products and services, the best snow removal companies make it their priority to do the same. For example, we use email as the number one most successful method of keeping you updated on relevant changes before, during, and after the storm. At Sneller Snow Systems, our customers never have to call and ask if or when we’ve serviced their property. They are notified 24/7 so they are always informed.

We use the CrewTracker Software to keep every detail organized and to give our customers a client portal to log in and see all the details related to their services. This is an extraordinary value to our customers and one we’re happy to provide!

Because email remains one of the fastest evolving methods of business communication, it is our favorite way to communicate with our snow and ice management customers. One of the most critical aspects of your company’s success is time management. Ensuring that you have reliable modes of contact with your snow removal company is important. We keep our high-tech weather monitoring equipment ahead of our plows in knowledge and readiness to provide you with swift expectations.

When you are ready to get a free quote on snow removal services from an ISO Certified company, contact us for more information.

Summer Property Fixes for the Best MI Snow Removal Surfaces

Cracked Asphalt needs repair for winter snow removal services

The summer is in full swing which makes it the ideal time to begin updates to surfaces for the best winter snow removal surfaces. Sneller Snow Systems in Grand Rapids works year-round to ensure Michigan businesses are ready to handle the upcoming winter snow. It is important to conduct these inspections during the summer when the ground is clear of snow and a proper assessment can determine what repairs are necessary. So here are vital summer property fixes for the best MI snow removal services this year.


The winter weather can have harsh effects on asphalt and concrete as a result of the surface freezing and thawing cycles. It is important to repair erosion and cracks in the surface before snowfall to not only prevent cracks from expanding, but to also allow for effective snow plowing when needed.

Mudjacking is often used to lift sunken surfaces and make them level. During this repair process, cement, water, and dirt are combined to fill voids under sinking concrete. Such repairs are imperative for uneven and cracked surfaces before water from snow and melted ice can get into them causing further damage.

Drainage Issues

Drain maintenance is probably one of the last things thought about during the summer. However, the summer is the ideal time to have repairs and maintenance work completed. The work can be completed quickly and without the risk of disruption from the winter weather. Drainage inspections that should take place during the summer include:

  • Damage from winter freezing
  • Blockages in the pipes
  • Debris accumulation
  • Assurance that drain pipework is well maintained

Without these repairs, you leave your business at risk of longer term problems that can cause interruptions and/or damage to your Michigan business.

To save yourself the headache and stress of dealing with surface issues in the winter, let us help you prepare early. If you have questions about preparing for better snow removal surfaces in the Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI area, please contact us online or call 616-868-4900 today! We would even be happy to inspect your property and give you a free quote on Michigan snow removal services!

Property Maintenance Evaluation for Winter Preparation

asphalt repair needed, destroyed driveway

Since the snow season for 2016 has likely come to an end, now is the time to evaluate your property to make the changes needed this summer before snow flies again this fall. It’s also the perfect time to assess your commercial snow removal services, while it’s fresh in your mind. So here are five key property maintenance areas to evaluate:

  1. Assess your area for storage of plowed snow. Keeping in mind that it was an average winter, was the snow pile storage area large enough? Was there adequate space for both parking, clear visibility and snow storage? Is the snow storage location safe and out-of-the-way of business traffic? Do you have a plan for additional snow storage during a large snow event? Does the location of the snow pile obstruct the view of drivers creating a safety hazard in any way? Are you able to recover the solids that settled out after the snow melt?
  2. Assess the ability of the melt water to percolate into the soil below the site or run off into a drainage system. Was the water able to evacuate the area without causing large standing water puddles? Was the melt water uncontaminated? If melt water runs off, do you know where it goes? Are you taking precautions to reduce the amount of pollutants that may run off with the melt water?
  3. Examine your walkways and parking areas that are plowed. Are they in good repair, free from heaves and cracks, that could make plowing difficult or dangerous? Are they properly sloped to prevent pooling water?
  4. Inspect your landscaping, curbing, signage and any other items in the plow area to identify areas of damage from snow plowing. Make note of these, and take photos if possible, to discuss with your snow removal service.
  5. Assess your contract with your snow removal company. Do you need to make changes or additions to your service? Do you need snow relocation and hauling services to maximize your parking space? This is the ideal time to update your services with your snow removal company.

Formulate your maintenance plan for next year while the issues that plagued you this year are fresh in your mind. Develop project plans to make needed repairs and install new drainage or snow storage areas during the off season so you will be well prepared for next winter.

If you require any assistance and your business is located in the Lansing or Grand Rapids, Michigan area, please contact us. At Sneller Snow Systems, our focus is on snow, 12 months a year.

Winter Property Management Tips: Michigan Snow & Ice Management

snow covered shopping carts and parking lot

As a leading commercial snow removal company in Grand Rapids, we know there are many things that go into effective commercial property management and maintenance for our clients. Meeting the needs and demands of customers and tenants is vital when it comes to keeping facility occupancy consistent. While the needs of various tenants may vary, they all generally revolve around the comfort and safety of those utilizing a given public or commercial space.

Effective Property Management in Winter

Whether you are a facilities maintenance manager or another type of property manager, it is important to cover all your bases when it comes to efficient snow removal and ice management. There are plenty of funny and interesting snow removal stories and videos on the web these days and many stem from the lack of attention that was given in the first place regarding appropriate snow removal planning. In order to avoid being becoming famous this way, become famous through the applause of your tenants and customers by utilizing the professional and comprehensive services of a commercial snow removal company.

Avoid Snow-Related Lawsuits

On the other hand, a more serious reason to be proactive regarding proper snow removal is that of costly litigation. Many public or commercial properties that do not provide thorough snow and ice removal are at an extremely high risk of encountering lawsuits by building visitors and tenants who slip and fall. Recently, slip and fall lawsuits surrounding property liability have become more and more common so it pays to be diligent. When the grounds of a public facility are not managed, a lawsuit can almost always be on the way. Hiring a snow removal company with ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification can provide an enormous shield of protection for you on these types of lawsuits.

Invest in Professional Snow Removal Services

Don’t pretend to be an expert at snow removal. Be proactive and prepared for the winter months, find out more about how the Michigan snow removal experts and Sneller Snow Systems can keep your property and tenants safe if your business is located near Grand Rapids or Lansing.

Winter Driving Tips From a Grand Rapids Snow Plowing Company


Nobody knows about driving in Grand Rapids snow better than us – a Grand Rapids snow plowing company! Driving in winter can be scary, especially when you get the kind of snow and ice we get here in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI. However, here are some things you can do, to keep yourself safe while you drive. Some of these tips may be well-known, but others are not. Check it out!

Winter Driving Tips

  1. Be cautious while driving in adverse weather and be aware of your surroundings. Why? You never know how the road will be in bad weather. Black ice, for example, is almost always invisible to the naked eye and can make anyone crash if they are not careful.
  2. Avoid driving if you feel fatigued. This is a tip that should be applied to driving in any weather condition, but especially during the winter. When you get enough rest, you can react faster to any potential surprise in the road. Typically when people experience fatigue, they have slower reaction times, they may hallucinate or feel dizzy. It is better to play it safe and drive while fully alert.
  3. Do not warm up a vehicle within an enclosed space like a garage. Exhaust fumes could be hazardous to your health as they accumulate while the car runs.
  4. Always have properly inflated tires. It is a myth people should have under-inflated tires. In fact, having under-inflated tires could increase your chances of experiencing a blowout.
  5. Never use cruise control if you’re driving on any kind of slippery surface (ice, sand, wet). You need to pay full attention in case your car gets out of control, which can easily happen on slick or coarse roads.
  6. In order to avoid gas line freeze-up, keep your gas tank at minimum, half-full.
  7. If you can, avoid using the parking brake in cold, snowy and rainy weather.
  8. Never mix radial tires with any other tire types. This could lead to another potential accident.
  9. If you become snow-bound, do not leave your vehicle. Stay inside as the vehicle will act as a temporary shelter as well as make it easier for rescue personnel to find you.
  10. Make sure to pack any essentials you’ll need like medicine, a first aid kit, food, a cell phone with your local AAA’s telephone number, blankets, hats, gloves, and water in case of an emergency.


At Sneller Snow Systems, we care about more than commercial snow removal. We want to help with the bigger picture of keeping people safe and helping you battle the storm. If you want more great tips and other informative articles, be sure to read more on our Sneller Snow Systems blog. If you need landscaping or snow removal services in the Grand Rapids or Lansing areas, contact us.

Some tips were provided by the AAA website