The Best Grand Rapids Snow Removal Services Send Weather Alerts

Snow Removal Plan & Weather Alerts From Computer

The daytime air is still warm, but with the kids heading back to school and the nights getting cooler, you know the time is near… Winter is coming. Are you ready for our rapidly changing Grand Rapids and Lansing weather to take it up a notch? In the event of severe weather that could impact your business, it is vital for the best Grand Rapids Snow Removal Services to send weather alerts.

Some of the most devastating snow and ice storms to affect Grand Rapids and Lansing in 2016 alone left piles of snowfall between hard-working businesses and their faithful customers. Monitoring significant weather changes and tracking upcoming predictions accurately and effectively, however, is a task that can be far too time consuming without the right equipment and highly trained staff. So here’s what to look for in your Grand Rapids snow removal services…

Preparation includes Communication

Winter food services and retail sales peak during the coldest months of the year in Michigan. Having snow removal professionals lined up to prevent major precipitation build-up before it dips into your pocket is an invaluable tool. And just as it is your priority to maintain the integrity of your products and services, the best snow removal companies make it their priority to do the same. For example, we use email as the number one most successful method of keeping you updated on relevant changes before, during, and after the storm. At Sneller Snow Systems, our customers never have to call and ask if or when we’ve serviced their property. They are notified 24/7 so they are always informed.

We use the CrewTracker Software to keep every detail organized and to give our customers a client portal to log in and see all the details related to their services. This is an extraordinary value to our customers and one we’re happy to provide!

Because email remains one of the fastest evolving methods of business communication, it is our favorite way to communicate with our snow and ice management customers. One of the most critical aspects of your company’s success is time management. Ensuring that you have reliable modes of contact with your snow removal company is important. We keep our high-tech weather monitoring equipment ahead of our plows in knowledge and readiness to provide you with swift expectations.

When you are ready to get a free quote on snow removal services from an ISO Certified company, contact us for more information.

Types of Snow Removal Services in Grand Rapids – Beyond Snow Plowing

grand rapids map - grand rapids snow removal

Business owners living in the Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan areas understand the importance of hiring a competent snow removal expert. However, there are many types of snow removal services in Grand Rapids in addition to snow plowing. Some of these may be hard to distinguish or may not see relevant. Let’s take a look…

Here are six services provided by only the best snow removal services in Grand Rapids:

  1. Commercial Snow Plowing Services
  2. Snow Relocation and Hauling Services
  3. Custom Ice Management and Deicing Services
  4. Sidewalk Snow Removal and Shoveling Services
  5. Michigan Weather Monitoring
  6. Proactive Client Communications

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The ideal snow removal company will have the expertise to handle any size commercial snow plowing project. The project begins with a full property analysis and discussion with the owners about their specific snow removal needs. And by offering services beyond snow plowing, you can rest assured that the company you hire can handle any snow or ice event.

Snow Relocation and Hauling Services

The perfect example of a vital snow removal service that you may not have initially considered is snow relocation. Typically Grand Rapids is on the list of 10 snowiest US cities, with an average snowfall at about 75 inches per year in Grand Rapids alone. So if you have a business in this area, you’re probably going to end up with snow piles on your property. Piles of snow can reduce visibility, take up valuable parking space, exceed weight limits on parking decks and cause all kinds of dangerous situations. The right snow removal company will have snow relocation and snow hauling equipment and the experience necessary to remove and relocate these piles of snow from your location.

Custom Ice Management and Deicing Services

It is important that a snow plowing company has the right certifications, equipment and supplies to provide safety and risk management services for ice management and deicing. Sprinkling rock salt on surfaces is not the answer to everything. Each Michigan snow and ice storm needs a different ice management approach based on the temperatures, humidity, current surface conditions and more. The best snow removal companies manage ice before, during and after the storm using custom blends of liquids and granular products as needed. Avoid companies that have a “one size fits all” mentality about ice management.

Sidewalk Snow Removal and Shoveling Services

A good snow and ice removal service knows how to keep snow off the sidewalks to protect clients, customers and employees from falling. The most concentrated volume of pedestrian traffic is held on your sidewalks and walkways. Plus how you maintain these heavily used areas makes a big impression about your concern for your business and for those who visit. That’s why the best snow removal services in Grand Rapids include back-to-back shifts of sidewalk snow removal services. Continuous snow clearing is essential on these busy surfaces!

Michigan Weather Monitoring

Business owners should not be taken by surprise when winter storms approach.  A good snow removal company will keep an eye on the weather 24/7 and be ready for action at a moment’s notice. It also helps to track weather history to better predict upcoming weather and track trends. The best snow removal contractors use a wide variety of radars, forecasts, weather apps, discussions, and graphs to monitor weather systems, pavement temperatures, and freeze/thaw cycles.

Proactive Client Communications

Excellent communications between the snow removal company and the client is what keeps things running smoothly. By providing proactive client communications and updates during winter storms, the company is able to go about its business seamlessly, and can, at any time, track the snow removal progress via online communications systems.

If you manage a business or property  in the Grand Rapids/ Lansing Michigan areas, please contact us at your earliest convenience to talk about your snow removal needs. Sneller Snow Systems is ISO 9001 certified and has what it takes to get the job done!

How ISO Certified Snow Removal Services Save You Money

Sneller Snow Removal Fleet ISO 9000

As snow season nears, so does the threat of slip and falls lawsuits and bad PR that Michigan businesses would love to avoid. In fact, thousands of people will die each year from injuries received while falling on snow and ice according to the CDC. But working with an ISO certified snow removal company can limit your liability, protect you from legal action and save you money overall.

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Reduce Lawsuit Risks

Hiring a snow removal company with ISO 9001/SN9001 certification means you have the assurance of a using rigorously tested contractor for your snow plowing, ice management and snow removal. To get certified, companies must have carefully documented processes and procedures for managing and validating a company’s snow removal plan. This dramatically reduces your need to worry about slip and falls on your property.  

Should a slip or fall occur, an ISO 9001/SN9001 certified company will have the documentation in place to help successfully build a solid defense against any lawsuit. This not only helps to protect your company, but it tends to discourage lawsuits from being filed all together. This saves your company time, money and bad publicity!

Through the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA), a set of written snow and ice management Industry Standards were created that later were accredited by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Following these protocols ensures a company has professionals committed to quality management, strong communications policies in place and an ongoing review  system for continued improvement.

Why do we know so much about accredited snow removal?

Sneller Snow Systems takes accreditations and certifications very seriously. In fact, we were the first snow removal company in Michigan and the 12th snow company in the world to receive ISO 9001 and SN 9001 Certification for snow and ice management! Since 1984, Sneller Snow Systems has been working hard, year-round to provide reliable commercial snow removal to businesses in the Grand Rapids and Lansing Michigan areas.

In Michigan, during harsh winter weather, Sneller Snow Systems provides peace of mind by reducing your risk from the effects of winter weather, and keeping your business safe and open.

If you are looking for the best snow removal services in Grand Rapids or Lansing, MI, please contact us online or call 616-868-4900 to discuss your exact needs.

ADA Compliant Snow Removal: Grand Rapids Michigan

ada compliant snow removal - wheelchair on snow

There are many factors to take into account when the snow falls and removal is required in Grand Rapids Michigan and around the country. One thing that can sometimes end up overlooked is to continue proper access for the handicapped. It’s vital to make sure your property has ADA compliant snow removal (Americans with Disabilities Act).

ADA Compliant Snow Removal Tips

When an abundance of snow falls, the tendency is to clear paths as quickly as possible. But it’s important to clear an extra wide path to the building for people who need more than a small walking path to access the building.

It’s also essential to clear curb ramps. And don’t just plow the handicap spaces, but be sure to include the area surrounding them as well, including access aisles.

ADA Compliance goes well beyond wheelchair accessibility. Consider other physical and mental disabilities as well. Be sure mentally handicapped visitors that are trying to be independent can see proper signage after a storm.

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Business owners are responsible for the parking lot, walkways and sidewalks adjacent to their property to be kept reasonably clear of winter snow and ice. Even if a slip and fall lawsuit is difficult to prove in Michigan, there is still human decency, first impressions and public relations to think about. In fact, many people feel that how a property owner handles winter clean up is a direct reflection of how much they value their employees, customers and visitors.

As revealed in an ADA information document titled “Effective Snow Removal for Pathways and Transit Stops,” there are other considerations to keep in mind to help people with disabilities on your property in winter:

  • Ice and salt can get on a wheelchair user’s hands and on the mobility device resulting in injury or rust. Consult a professional for ice management so the proper product and amount is used.
  • People who use surface and visual cues for navigation may find snow and ice left on pathways disorienting.
  • Ask a snow removal expert for a consultation on property design elements to snow and ice from impeding on pedestrians or drivers. For example, build in adequate space between the sidewalk and street to make room for snow.
  • Many people with disabilities depend on public transit as their primary transportation option. Accessible pathways and transit stops should be a priority especially during winter weather.

Business owners and snow removal companies should work closely with the city and transit departments to not only comply with all regulations, but to make it as easy as possible for all people to move around the city during snowy weather. This includes the cities of Lansing and Grand Rapids, as well as the rural communities surrounding them.

Sneller Can Help!

At Sneller Snow Systems, we make it a priority to keep up-to-date on all ADA requirements and best practices for optimal risk management. We also thoroughly study our customers’ properties to provide top-rate snow and ice removal services that are ISO 9001 certified.

Give us a call at 616-868-4900 or contact us online for a free estimate on your Lansing or Grand Rapids snow removal services.

Tips for Lansing & Grand Rapids Snow Storage Preparation

snow pile - snow storage preparation

One thing that comes up every year, especially with some of our newer Lansing & Grand Rapids snow removal customers, is whether they have an adequate place for snow storage. All that newly plowed snow has to go somewhere! Summer is the ideal time for business owners to start thinking about the next snow season and where to have the commercial snow removal service put the snow upon clearing. So here are some tips for Lansing and Grand Rapids snow storage preparation.

Expect More Snow In 2016-2017

If recent weather predictions are accurate, this coming winter you will really need to be prepared! Following last year’s El Niño, expert’s predict this year’s La Niña to bring heavier than normal snowfall to the areas of Grand Rapids and Lansing.

Here, at Sneller Snow Systems, we can help. We think about snow 12 months a year. Just contact us to get a free quote!

Snow Storage Tips

Some things to remember when considering where to store newly plowed snow include:

  • Snow is heavy – is there adequate ground coverage to hold the weight, and if the area has any walls, will they hold up?
  • Snow will melt – where will the water runoff go and is it safe from pollutants as to not contaminate water traveling into a stream, or river, and/or being soaked up into ground water? And will the water drain without settling and forming dangerous icy spots?
  • More to come – if snow has not melted and another storm hits, is there adequate storage, or a secondary location for more?
  • Location – is the placement area of your snow storage away from traffic within your parking lot? And will it cause any parking lot access issue or block the vision of drivers or pedestrians?

Lansing Michigan Snow Removal

The City of Lansing starts plowing snow when it exceeds two inches on major streets. Business owners and residents are responsible for the walkways in front of their location, and they must be cleared within 24-hours of the snowfall, according to the city code. The city’s website clearly states, “Snow and ice cannot be piled in the public Right of Way – it cannot impair vehicular or pedestrian traffic or obstruct the view of a driver.”

This is true on private property as well, especially when a business is involved. Sneller Snow Systems is aware of these codes and has the experience to remove snow properly in all of the communities surrounding Lansing and Grand Rapids.

Hire a Pro

Planning for this coming winter’s snow events is important to take care of before they come. Let Sneller Snow Systems help show you how this summer. Our team of professionals can help you prepare and provide prompt, expert removal from when the first storm hits throughout the season. July can be a busy month for new customer sign ups. Contact us to setup your free snow removal evaluation and quote today!