3 Questions You Should Ask When Looking for Snow Removal Services

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Snow removal services are something every business needs. Trying to plow snow and remove ice by yourself can not only take a lot of time, but can be dangerous too. In fact, snow shoveling is responsible for as many as 100 deaths in the U.S. every year. So investing in snow removal services is always a good option. But before you sign up for snow removal, make sure to ask these few important questions.

What kind of equipment and products do you use? It’s important to know that not all commercial snow plowing companies use the same products and equipment. Some products are more effective at removing ice while causing less damage and certain plows may be gentler on your property. So when you’re meeting with potential snow removal companies, make sure to ask about their methods. In doing this, you can ensure you feel comfortable with the products and equipment being used on your property.

How will you communicate with me after a storm? It’s important to know how your snow plow company will get into contact with you after a storm. Communication is key when it comes to response time — your snow plow company should have a detailed plan of how they communicate with their customers when they’re arriving and leaving their property. So before you sign up for services, make sure you know how your snow plow company will contact you before, during, and after a storm in regards to your property.

Will my business be given priority? Most snow removal companies have several clients and you may not be at the top of the list for their schedule. While you don’t necessarily need to be the first stop of their route, you should know when you can expect your property to be taken care of. If you have specific business hours that mean you need snow removal services at a certain time, it’s important to communicate that. Many companies will be understanding of their customers’ needs and will do their best to be accommodating.

It’s important to understand the services and quality being offered to you before you decide on a snow removal company. Asking these questions can help ensure you choose the right snow removal company for your needs.

The Best Commercial Snow Removal Companies – 4 questions you should ask them

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As a leading snow removal service company in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas, we guarantee you our company knows the fundamentals about the snow landscape. However, we understand we are not the only snow removal service company in the area; that’s why we want to make sure you ask the right questions to the right people in the industry when signing on with a company.

Sneller Snow Services has over 30 years of experience in the snow and ice management industry, and we have been asked many questions by our clients. As the first snowfall continues to inch closer, make sure to ask these four questions to differentiate top snow removal companies from substandard businesses:

What kind of experience do you have in my area?

All snow removal companies actively serve different areas, as well as provide a unique subset of services to their clients. Make sure to understand whether the company has serviced your location for years or is new to serving the area. If you invest in a snow removal company, you want to make sure the company has experience and offers services you are interested in.

In addition to asking the company about their experience in the area, ask a follow-up question about their current sidewalk and commercial services. Understand if the company provides neighborhood and commercial services by asking if they offer the following:

  • Sidewalk Snow Removal & Shoveling Services
  • Commercial Snow Plowing
  • Snow Relocation & Hauling
  • Ice Management & Deicing

How do your professionals prepare for the winter season?

Some snow removal companies and contractors take the time to assess your property for snow removal needs; most do not. When you ask a company about their winter preparation process, you will get an idea of how much they care about their customers and provide good service. Before the winter season, make sure to have a conversation regarding the company’s preparation and operation with these conversation starters:

  • Can I expect a thorough assessment of my property and its snow removal needs? Does your company provide a pre-season walk-through?
  • What exactly does your company’s snow operation involve?
    • If there is severe weather, will my property still be plowed?
    • How often will my property be plowed?
    • When should I expect your professional team to plow my property?
  • Does your company provide an overall “Snow Response” Plan?


What certification(s) does your company hold?

Few Michigan snow management contractors go through the certification process. Make sure the contractor or company you sign on with has these certifications:

  • SN 9001: Certification that limits slip-and-fall litigations
  • ASCA-C: Certification granted to contractors who complete a series of education-based courses
  • CSP: Certification granted to companies who complete program directed by the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA)

Who are some of your current clients in the area?

All contractors and companies should be able to provide you will a list of current clients. Ask the company if they have references and whether you can contact them about their snow removal work. Talking with current clients will give you a good understanding of the company’s business model and if their service aligns with what you are looking for.

As you begin to ask these questions to the top snow removal companies in your area, make sure to contact us or read more about our snow removal services online. As we service Grand Rapids and all surrounding areas year-round, we have what you are looking for! Make sure your property is free of snow this winter by signing on with Snow Sneller Services, today.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Commercial Snow Removal Services?

With winter weather on its way, it’s time for business owners to start thinking about snow and ice removal services. Having dry and safe parking lots, walkways, and other parts of your property is essential to keeping people safe and helping your business. So if you’re considering hiring a snow removal company, let’s explore a few benefits you can expect.

Reduced liability: As a business or property owner, it’s important to keep in mind your liability risk. If a parking lot or sidewalk is not taken care of after a snow storm, people could slip and fall. Accidents like these can be bad for business — not only can it give your business a bad reputation, but it can be expensive as well. According to a recent study, the average claim for an injury caused by snow- or ice-related fall amounted to about $33,000. So hiring commercial snow removal services can help keep customers and employees safe when on the property.

More efficient: If you try to manage snow removal by yourself, you’ll be wasting a lot of valuable time that could be spent bettering your business. This is especially true if you have a large parking lot and plenty of walkways that need to be taken care of. Fortunately, commercial snow plowing is an efficient way to ensure snow and ice are removed properly and effectively. After a big storm hits, you can rest assured that your property will be taken care of and business can go on as intended.

Increased business: After a storm, if customers are out and about and see that your parking lot is full of snow, it’s unlikely that they’ll try to go in. And losing customers because of snow and ice could be detrimental to your business. But if you invest in snow removal services, then you won’t have to worry about that. You’ll know that your customers and employees can all get to and from your business with ease and no one will have to worry about dangerous conditions.

As you can see, there are several ways businesses can benefit from investing in snow removal services. So if you’re looking for an easy way to keep people safe and help your business grow this winter, consider hiring a commercial snow removal company this winter.

3 Maintenance Services Your Business Needs in the Winter

There are a lot of important tasks that go into owning and managing a business. But perhaps some of the most important, and overlooked, tasks are investing in outside maintenance services to help the business run more efficiently. So what kind of services should business owners invest in to save time and money this winter? Let’s explore a few key services every business with a physical location needs in the winter.

Snow Removal: First and foremost, every brick and mortar business should invest in snow removal services for the winter months. Commercial snow plowing is a service that is often underestimated. But with a recent study showing that workers comp claims for a snow- or ice-related injury can amount to an average of $48,000, it’s important for business owners to ensure parking lots and pathways are safe and clear of snow and ice. A snow removal company has the right tools and experience to get snow and ice removed from your property efficiently after a snowstorm. This allows employees, customers, and other visitors to enter and leave your business safely.

HVAC Services: During the winter months, proper heating throughout your building is essential. Not only do your employees and customers need to stay warm, but having proper heating can help keep the building from sustaining damage from frozen pipes. This is why HVAC services are essential in the winter months. Even simple tasks like replacing the HVAC filter, inspecting the ductwork, and checking the thermostat can do wonders when it comes to keeping the building heated and safe. If you want to avoid emergency no-heat calls, then you’re running out of time to invest in preventative HVAC maintenance.

Storm Cleanup: The winter season brings plenty of storms, many of which can cause serious damage. From fallen trees to torn up ground, storm cleanup services are important for businesses to keep in mind. Storm cleanup services are invaluable when it comes to removing debris, cutting up fallen trees, and repairing property damage after an ice storm. Preparing ahead of time and looking into debris removal and storm cleanup can save businesses a lot of time and money come winter.

As you can see, there are several services that offer valuable help to businesses. So if you own or manage a business, keep these services in mind come winter.

Avoid These Common Snow Shoveling Injuries This Winter

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When it comes to snow removal, many people think they can handle the task themselves. But for commercial properties that have several, often large areas that need to be plowed trusting a snow removal company with the job is usually the better option. Business owners or property owners who tackle the snow removal process themselves can get seriously injured, ultimately doing more harm than good. So let’s take a look at a few common injuries caused by shoveling and how using a snow removal company can minimize the risk of injury.

Back injuries: Doing repetitive motions bent over can easily lead to back injuries. This is especially true when people underestimate the weight of the snow they’re trying to move. Dry, fluffy snow is much lighter than wet snow — six inches of wet snow is equal to about 38 inches of dry snow in weight. So when people are bent over and lifting with their backs, they can cause injury to their back. This is why a commercial snow removal company uses proper equipment and methods to ensure the job gets done without causing injuries.

Slip and fall injuries: Walking around on wet, slippery, snow-covered surfaces can be extremely dangerous, especially in places like large parking lots or sidewalks. Millions of people sustain injuries from slipping and falling every year. And slip and fall injuries can be serious, like head or spinal injuries. So instead of risking injury and trying to remove snow yourself, invest in snow removal services to prevent you and your employees from being injured by dangerous slippery conditions.

Strained muscles: Pulling, straining, or damaging muscles is all too common when it comes to shoveling snow. Muscles can be strained or injured several ways when it comes to removing snow — abrupt movements, repetitive motions, and falling can all put a strain on muscles, ultimately leading to injuries. Strained muscles can be extremely painful and can take quite a long time to fully heal. Fortunately, working with a snow removal company allows individuals to avoid having to shovel snow in the first place.

Snow removal companies have the necessary equipment and experience needed to properly and safely remove snow. So if you’re looking to avoid injury this winter, hire a commercial snow removal company to get the job done right.