Grand Rapids Snow Removal Services with 20/20 Hindsight

Snow Buried Car Parked on Side of Road

As spring approaches, use that 20/20 hindsight vision to review this winter. Was your Grand Rapids company prepared when the ice and snow came? Hopefully winter conditions didn’t land you or your business in hot water with injuries from you, your employees, or your customers. Now that winter 2016 is probably over, it’s time to look at your Grand Rapids snow removal services so you are ultra prepared for 2017.

Prepare now for next winter with these tips for why & how to hire the best commercial snow removal services.

Why contract with the best snow removal service?

Accidents are expensive. They cost time, money and resources that would all be better allocated somewhere else. Time off from work for doctor visits is bad enough, but in the event that somebody does get injured on your property, you could also be spending some of your valuable time with a lawyer or in court. And what about medical expenses? They can drift as high as snow if given the chance.

How do you choose the best Grand Rapids snow removal service?

Consider these seven factors when selecting your snow removal company.

  1. Quality management & Certifications. What protocol is in place to ensure that you will have prompt and effective service? Look for a company with ISO certification to back you up when you need it most. Choose a company with high standards for documenting the time spent on your site, the materials applied and the techniques used for clearing slick spots and minimizing risks.
  2. Equipment. The best snow removal company will have the right equipment for your job, from sidewalk equipment to heavy duty trucks to front end loaders and more.
  3. Training. Find a company that cares enough to train their crews on the proper use of the materials and equipment they will be using, so you can relax with confidence that the job is being done right.
  4. Dedication. Some companies remove snow in the winter because there’s no grass to mow. The best snow removal company is all about removing snow, and works on streamlining their system 24/7/365.
  5. Efficient, prompt, knowledgeable crew. You need a crew that will be watching the weather with you so they can be there when it’s most important. Night or day, clear thinking and safety pave the way for successful snow removal.
  6. Referrals & Reviews. See who your neighbors and your competitors use. What do they have to say about their snow removal companies? Check Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews.
  7. Availability to work and to communicate. Will you be able to get help when you need it? When you have questions about your service can you reach a knowledgeable person?

Contact us today to see what the best snow removal company in Grand Rapids can do for you.

6 Questions To Ask If Considering Snow Removal Services in 2017

2017 written in snow

In our service area of Grand Rapids & Lansing, Michigan, business owners are no strangers to large snow storms. We can wake up one morning to find a foot or more of snow on the ground. If you have a large parking lot at your business’s location, keeping the equipment on-hand and the staff trained to quickly and properly do snow removal is not cost efficient. There’s more to snow removal than scraping away the snow. So as Winter 2016 wraps up and you start to think about what you might do differently next year, here are 6 questions to ask yourself if considering snow removal services in 2017.

First, it’s important that you get a company that specializes in commercial snow removal, and not just residential. Commercial jobs are typically much larger, and as such residential snow removal companies are not equipped to handle it. Larger commercial snow removal service providers also invest in their team’s training and certifications to keep your property from being damaged and to lower your risk of slip-and-fall lawsuits.

Here are 6 questions to ask yourself when trying to decide if you need a professional commercial snow plowing service.

  1. Will you have 24/7 snow removal? If a big storm hits during the night, will you have a snow removal emergency plan in place to make sure it’s cleared by the time your business opens? Professionals make sure you get that plan in writing.
  2. Is the job too big for one person? Big storms take big equipment and ice melt knowledge to make sure you have exactly what is needed for that day’s specific mix of snow, ice and cold. If you just have one person running a snow blower or snow plow on your property, will they have the knowledge and time to get the job done right?
  3. What’s the best efficiency? Is moving snow the best use of your employee’s time? Would their time be better spent doing work that is more pertinent to your business? Think about the time it will take for your employees to do the job, and whether or not this is a good use of their time.
  4. Do you really want to store and maintain equipment? Snow removal equipment takes up a lot of space and needs regular maintenance. Does it really make sense for you to take that all on yourself? And what if you break down during the storm? You won’t have back up like a professional snow removal company would have.
  5. Is there a potential for injury? When the ground is covered in snow and ice, this can make for dangerous conditions. Are you willing to be held responsible if someone slips in your parking lot because you did not clear it properly? Or if an employee injuries themselves while clearing the snow? You can avoid a lawsuit by letting a certified professional snow removal service handle it for you.
  6. Do you have experience with the right ice melt chemicals? Removing ice isn’t as simple as finding some rock salt and spreading it across your parking lot. You need to know which chemicals should be used based on the moisture in the air and temperatures – and how much ice melt is needed. Using too much ice melt is bad for the environment and your landscaping, using too little is dangerous.

After taking in all of these considerations, you should have a good idea if you need to hire a professional snow removal service. If the answer is yes and you are located in the Grand Rapids or Lansing areas, we would love to work with you! You can contact us at any time, and we can tell you about the services we offer.

5 Ways to Know If You Hired the Best Snow Removal Company

wild car tracks in snow covered parking lot

The 2015-16 winter might feel like it’s coming to an end, but we know from past storms in Grand Rapids that it isn’t necessarily over yet. However, as February wraps up, it feels like a perfect time to evaluate how your snow removal company is doing. Here are 5 ways to know if you hired the best snow removal company this year by asking these questions:

  1. Was the snow from your property promptly removed after the storm? That’s the obvious question, but we would take it one step further – did your snow removal company proactively treat your property before the first flake of snow even hit the ground? That’s a big difference in our book. Snow plow companies that wait for at least 2 inches of snow to fall before ever coming to your property are putting you at risk for costly ice related incidents.
  2. Did your snow removal company communicate with you before, during and after the storm? You should expect frequent and clear communications from your snow management company so you know exactly what is happening on your property. As a business owner, you should never be wondering if your snow plow company has been on your site or not yet. These days it’s reasonable to expect to know every detail of your snow removal plan and execution.
  3. Did your snow removal company have the equipment needed to stay ahead of the storm? It’s one thing to own a few snow plows, but true snow removal professionals have equipment to pre-treat parking lots with liquid deicer, they have front end loaders and dump trucks to relocate snow piles when needed and they have extra wide snow pushers for covering large surface areas in a snap.
  4. Did your contract cover every detail of your services without surprises? Your snow removal contract should have been complete and not hastily thrown together. And hopefully you DID sign a contract. Professional snow removal is nothing to take lightly – make sure your business receives the risk management services provided by the best snow removal contractors.
  5. Would you recommend your snow removal company to other business owners? That’s really the bottom line, isn’t it? Were your services so reliable and effective that you would share their name with others?

Where we are located in Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan snow removal is an essential part of every business plan. At Sneller Snow Systems, we know that, so we focus on snow removal 12 months a year. That’s right – 12 months a year. Why? Because during the warmer months, we are able to re-evaluate our systems, make lot improvement recommendations, provide training, renew certifications, execute route planning dry runs and do important equipment maintenance.

If you have any questions or if you would like to explore Sneller for Lansing or Grand Rapids snow removal services, please contact us today!

Winter Property Management Tips: Michigan Snow & Ice Management

snow covered shopping carts and parking lot

As a leading commercial snow removal company in Grand Rapids, we know there are many things that go into effective commercial property management and maintenance for our clients. Meeting the needs and demands of customers and tenants is vital when it comes to keeping facility occupancy consistent. While the needs of various tenants may vary, they all generally revolve around the comfort and safety of those utilizing a given public or commercial space.

Effective Property Management in Winter

Whether you are a facilities maintenance manager or another type of property manager, it is important to cover all your bases when it comes to efficient snow removal and ice management. There are plenty of funny and interesting snow removal stories and videos on the web these days and many stem from the lack of attention that was given in the first place regarding appropriate snow removal planning. In order to avoid being becoming famous this way, become famous through the applause of your tenants and customers by utilizing the professional and comprehensive services of a commercial snow removal company.

Avoid Snow-Related Lawsuits

On the other hand, a more serious reason to be proactive regarding proper snow removal is that of costly litigation. Many public or commercial properties that do not provide thorough snow and ice removal are at an extremely high risk of encountering lawsuits by building visitors and tenants who slip and fall. Recently, slip and fall lawsuits surrounding property liability have become more and more common so it pays to be diligent. When the grounds of a public facility are not managed, a lawsuit can almost always be on the way. Hiring a snow removal company with ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification can provide an enormous shield of protection for you on these types of lawsuits.

Invest in Professional Snow Removal Services

Don’t pretend to be an expert at snow removal. Be proactive and prepared for the winter months, find out more about how the Michigan snow removal experts and Sneller Snow Systems can keep your property and tenants safe if your business is located near Grand Rapids or Lansing.

Winter Driving Tips From a Grand Rapids Snow Plowing Company


Nobody knows about driving in Grand Rapids snow better than us – a Grand Rapids snow plowing company! Driving in winter can be scary, especially when you get the kind of snow and ice we get here in Grand Rapids and Lansing, MI. However, here are some things you can do, to keep yourself safe while you drive. Some of these tips may be well-known, but others are not. Check it out!

Winter Driving Tips

  1. Be cautious while driving in adverse weather and be aware of your surroundings. Why? You never know how the road will be in bad weather. Black ice, for example, is almost always invisible to the naked eye and can make anyone crash if they are not careful.
  2. Avoid driving if you feel fatigued. This is a tip that should be applied to driving in any weather condition, but especially during the winter. When you get enough rest, you can react faster to any potential surprise in the road. Typically when people experience fatigue, they have slower reaction times, they may hallucinate or feel dizzy. It is better to play it safe and drive while fully alert.
  3. Do not warm up a vehicle within an enclosed space like a garage. Exhaust fumes could be hazardous to your health as they accumulate while the car runs.
  4. Always have properly inflated tires. It is a myth people should have under-inflated tires. In fact, having under-inflated tires could increase your chances of experiencing a blowout.
  5. Never use cruise control if you’re driving on any kind of slippery surface (ice, sand, wet). You need to pay full attention in case your car gets out of control, which can easily happen on slick or coarse roads.
  6. In order to avoid gas line freeze-up, keep your gas tank at minimum, half-full.
  7. If you can, avoid using the parking brake in cold, snowy and rainy weather.
  8. Never mix radial tires with any other tire types. This could lead to another potential accident.
  9. If you become snow-bound, do not leave your vehicle. Stay inside as the vehicle will act as a temporary shelter as well as make it easier for rescue personnel to find you.
  10. Make sure to pack any essentials you’ll need like medicine, a first aid kit, food, a cell phone with your local AAA’s telephone number, blankets, hats, gloves, and water in case of an emergency.


At Sneller Snow Systems, we care about more than commercial snow removal. We want to help with the bigger picture of keeping people safe and helping you battle the storm. If you want more great tips and other informative articles, be sure to read more on our Sneller Snow Systems blog. If you need landscaping or snow removal services in the Grand Rapids or Lansing areas, contact us.

Some tips were provided by the AAA website