Preparing for Snow Removal in Grand Rapids MI, Lansing MI

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We know. Winter 2016 is barely over. You don’t want to think about Winter 2017 in Grand Rapids or Lansing MI, you want to think about summer! But here at Sneller Snow Systems, we think about snow removal 24/7/365 so please don’t judge us too harshly! It’s seriously never too early to start preparing for winter. There is so much to consider, repair, compare and budget for in our region! So here are some tips to get you on the right path:

Look for the Best Snow Removal Service in Michigan

If you don’t already have a snow removal company, you should start researching what’s available in your area now. No two companies are the same and you should completely understand the details surrounding their services and their qualifications and certifications so you can trust that you are in good hands.

You might ask or look into what they do all summer. Are they a landscaping company first and foremost that is simply using their trucks in the winter for plowing? That might work for residential snow removal on a budget, but if you want proper risk management and efficient snow removal for your business, look for a company that focuses on snow systems year round to find the very best and ask some detailed questions like:

  • What are they doing to insure that they’ll be ready to go when the weather is at its worst?
  • Do they have adequate supplies?
  • How are the drivers trained?
  • Are they maintaining a fleet large enough to cover the demand when it’s needed?
  • Are their routes well-thought-out?
  • Do they offer any emergency services?
  • Are they fully licensed? What happens if something is damaged or someone is hurt?
  • Are they certified? What does that mean for me?
  • Why do they think they are the best???

When an unexpected storm hits or the arctic front pushes a little further than predicted, it’s too late to find out the details. You’ll need a snow removal company that’s been spending its off-season wisely. If you need Lansing or Grand Rapids commercial snow removal services, contact us at Sneller Snow Systems today. We’d be glad to share with you what we do routinely to make sure we’re ready to keep you, your staff, and your customers safe when the storm comes.

Homemade Snow Removal Solutions Best Left Untried

Remote Control Snow Plow - RC Snowplow

Unlike us at Sneller Snow Systems in Grand Rapids, MI, most people groan when they realize that winter is coming. Snow and its solidified evil cousin, ice, cause hazardous conditions, safety concerns, and are downright inconvenient to have to deal with for several months in a row. However, the war against winter will never end, leading some people to MacGyver impressive tricks and creative ways to keep battling on instead of just letting experts like us tackle snow with ease… Kind of like the folks going to extraordinary measures in these videos:

Building your own metal snow plow for under $10 (minivan not included – but based on the sound of the engine it might not add much to the price!):

Or souping up a remote control car to plow snow for you if you want to stand outside for hours waiting for the mini-plow to get the job done:

And then there’s always building a wooden plow for your mower in all your spare time:

… Or you could leave your snow removal up to the professionals.

When most people are cringing, those of us here at Sneller Snow Systems get pumped up. We work year-round to prepare for the upcoming snow season, learning from the previous season, upgrading and maintaining our commercial equipment and helping our customers prepare in advance for intense Michigan winters. With over 30 years experience and ISO 9001 certification, we have the kind of knowledge and reliability that puts all of your snow-related worries to rest. Since our services are both preventative and proactive, we’ve got you covered. Don’t let winter get the best of your business. Keep the safety and accessibility of your customers, employees, and residents at the top of your priority list with the expert guidance of Sneller Snow Systems.

Winter will be here before you know it–are you ready? We are. Contact us today to find out what kind of winter maintenance and preventative measures you need to keep your business safer and stress-free. We’ll design a custom snow removal plan just for your business!

How to Get Free CDL Training in Grand Rapids, Lansing MI

man's hand driving

How does free CDL training sound? Nope, it’s not a scam. If you live in the Grand Rapids or Lansing areas, this could be your lucky day! During the summer months at Sneller Snow Systems, we focus on reviewing our snow removal systems and training staff. We have many employees that have been with us for years, but as we continue to grow we’re always on the lookout for people with integrity interested in commercial snow removal to expand our team.

One great perk we offer is free Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training.

That’s right, if you are located in the Lansing or Grand Rapids area and you have a clean and safe driving record, we’ll pay you good wages AND help you get your CDL for free.

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What is a CDL?

A CDL is a driver’s license required in the United States to operate vehicles weighing 26,001 or more pounds or 10,001+ pounds when combined with any type of trailer being towed. Holding a CDL demonstrates that you are a certified and competent professional truck driver. And without proper training, the test itself can be extremely difficult to pass. The state of Michigan is able to issue a CDL license only after a written and driving test has been given by the state or approved testing facility.

Snow plow driver positions and salt truck driver positions are weather dependent, and hours are available when it snows. This is a great fit for people who get laid off seasonally in the winter, or who just want to add additional hours on top of their existing job. We can work with your schedule, we have morning, daytime, evening, and overnight positions available.

If you are interested, explore our current employment opportunities or sign up for job alerts online today! And if you have questions, feel free to contact us anytime.


Focusing on Grand Rapids Snow Removal All Summer Too

business meeting with papers

Now that spring is here (maybe!) you might think that a Grand Rapids snow removal company would be kicking back. Many snow removal companies are really landscaping companies who make use of their labor and equipment to do snow removal in the off-season. Sneller Snow Systems is just the opposite. We provide some landscaping services during the warmer months, but we keep planning and improving our systems for snow removal throughout the year.

How serious are we? Sneller Snow Systems was the 12th snow removal service in the world to earn ISO 9001 and SN 9001 certification, which is a system of quality management that is specific to the snow removal industry.

Why is this important to you, as a business owner?

  • Our record keeping system provides the necessary paper trail to reduce your exposure to litigation in slip and fall accidents. Without the proper documentation that ISO certified processes are required to maintain, tens of thousands of slip and fall cases are lost or settled by property owners each year.
  • We evaluate and improve our processes constantly based on performance in the field.
  • A third party regularly audits our processes and their improvement.
  • It takes snow removal off your hands and puts it in the hands of certified experts who focus on that job.
  • It keeps your employees doing what they need to do for your business and decreases risk of employee injury and workman’s compensation claims.

So what are we doing here at Sneller Snow Systems to plan for winter 2017?

Here are a few of the things we’re looking at:

  • Several of us are traveling the country this summer to various training and networking events. We regularly network with other leaders in the snow industry to learn from each other on how to raise the bar even more.
  • We are always evaluating what goes great, and where we can improve for our clients and our team. Summer is a great time to improve our processes to implement these improvements as we plan and grow for next winter.
  • Planning and improving for growth. As we continue to serve more clients, we need to look down the road to anticipate where growth pains could arise. We identify those concerns before they become problems, and implement structural improvements to avoid them, making life easier for our clients and ourselves.

As a business owner, you don’t want to assume unnecessary levels of risk. There’s plenty of risk inherent in any business venture. Don’t let snow and ice be one of them. Contact us for a customized plan that meets your Lansing or Grand Rapids snow removal and ice management needs.

Property Maintenance Evaluation for Winter Preparation

asphalt repair needed, destroyed driveway

Since the snow season for 2016 has likely come to an end, now is the time to evaluate your property to make the changes needed this summer before snow flies again this fall. It’s also the perfect time to assess your commercial snow removal services, while it’s fresh in your mind. So here are five key property maintenance areas to evaluate:

  1. Assess your area for storage of plowed snow. Keeping in mind that it was an average winter, was the snow pile storage area large enough? Was there adequate space for both parking, clear visibility and snow storage? Is the snow storage location safe and out-of-the-way of business traffic? Do you have a plan for additional snow storage during a large snow event? Does the location of the snow pile obstruct the view of drivers creating a safety hazard in any way? Are you able to recover the solids that settled out after the snow melt?
  2. Assess the ability of the melt water to percolate into the soil below the site or run off into a drainage system. Was the water able to evacuate the area without causing large standing water puddles? Was the melt water uncontaminated? If melt water runs off, do you know where it goes? Are you taking precautions to reduce the amount of pollutants that may run off with the melt water?
  3. Examine your walkways and parking areas that are plowed. Are they in good repair, free from heaves and cracks, that could make plowing difficult or dangerous? Are they properly sloped to prevent pooling water?
  4. Inspect your landscaping, curbing, signage and any other items in the plow area to identify areas of damage from snow plowing. Make note of these, and take photos if possible, to discuss with your snow removal service.
  5. Assess your contract with your snow removal company. Do you need to make changes or additions to your service? Do you need snow relocation and hauling services to maximize your parking space? This is the ideal time to update your services with your snow removal company.

Formulate your maintenance plan for next year while the issues that plagued you this year are fresh in your mind. Develop project plans to make needed repairs and install new drainage or snow storage areas during the off season so you will be well prepared for next winter.

If you require any assistance and your business is located in the Lansing or Grand Rapids, Michigan area, please contact us. At Sneller Snow Systems, our focus is on snow, 12 months a year.