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We started as a SNOW REMOVAL COMPANY AND BECAME A LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION PROVIDER. Sneller Snow Systems provides Lansing Michigan and Grand Rapids snow removal services that are second to none. Our growth has been in snow because our passion is snow. Focusing on commercial snow plowing services in West Michigan, rather than viewing it as an off season necessity, has enabled us to refine our business into a smooth running system, designed to consistently provide client satisfaction in the worst Grand Rapids and Lansing area weather. In fact, we were the 12th Snow Removal & Ice Management Company in the world to receive ISO snow and SN 9001 certification!

Have you found snow to lead to frustration and chaos? Would you like to replace your uncertainty with confidence?

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We aim to provide our clients with peace of mind during extreme weather conditions. We achieve this mission through innovative systems, as well as the spirit and integrity of our people.

It might seem odd to say we love snow in Michigan. After all, we get lots of it, and it can keep people from going about their daily activities, and it can hurt businesses. So let us clarify: We love the challenge of snow and helping businesses NOT be hurt because of a big storm. We look at every snow removal project differently. We walk the property, map it, plan paths and where to store snow. We determine which of our snow removal equipment is best for the specific size and shape of the service area. In other words, we take time to determine exactly what snow removal plan is best for your company. Then, as time goes on, we learn and adjust as needed, so you can rely on receiving the very best snow removal services possible in Grand Rapids, Lansing, and West Michigan.

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Not only can we deliver fast and reliable results to properties of any size and complexity, but we also make sure your commercial snow removal services are carefully customized to your needs. Sneller has the resources and experience to manage the risk of Michigan winters for your business in the Grand Rapids & Lansing areas.

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Tips for Hiring the Best Grand Rapids Snow Removal Company

There are several things you should check on or ask before hiring a Grand Rapids snow plow company. Of course we hope you hire us, but when you are considering our services here at Sneller or looking at other snow removal companies, we hope this will help. If you want to know more about what it takes to become a commercial snow removal company feel free to click here.

First put time into checking on a company's insurance, certifications and references. If you want to lower your risk during winter months, hiring a Certified Snow Professional or a company that has received ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification will go a long way! Make sure you know their approach to communication and you are clear on their policies and procedures. For example, are they just clearing your parking lot of snow? Or are they salting it too? Are they clearing walkways? Where will they pile snow in lots - or with they relocate it off your property?

As you consider who should provide your commercial snow plow services in Grand Rapids or Lansing, we encourage you to treat it like hiring any other contractor - it's wise to realize you get what you pay for. If a contractor comes in much lower in price than competitors, see it as a red flag. Hiring the best snow removal services might actually save you money down the road by helping to prevent costly lawsuits or negative publicity from someone getting hurt on your property.

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